Sunday, October 9, 2011

Naughty kids is not always naughty in negatif meaning

Naughty Is Good
While society tends to prefer children to be polite and well behaved, while still adventurous and cheerful, in fiction there seems to be an either/or set up. Children who are adventurous and who have interesting stories to tell, or to tell about, always seem to be mischievous at least and sometimes downright naughty and ill behaved.
Well-behaved children are often antagonists to the main character if he or she is a child, and these "good" kids can be portrayed as being anything from just absolute bores, to evil incarnate. The reason for this might be because the well behaved children in the stories are often viewed as being suck-ups to the evil adults, who only want to take away all the fun stuff for little kids. These kids also tend to be 'tattle tales' if they're real sticklers for the rules.
Before that, especially during the Victorian era, naughty children in fiction would usually endure very bad repercussions for their actions... sometimes these repercussions would far outweigh the actions they committed. After all, in Victorian times, Most Writers Are Adults was in force to an even greater degree than it is today.

people say that naughty boy is good for development, because they can explore themselves with the supervision of their parents.
by being "naughty" they had dared to do things more creatively so that they can interact with the environment and friends. from their mischief, from their naughtiness, they can learn to choose between right and wrong.